Pet Acupuncture Wiltshire (PAW) veterinary acupuncture service providing acupuncture for dogs, cats and rabbits

Pet Acupuncture Wiltshire (PAW) is a dedicated veterinary acupuncture service on the Wiltshire / Hampshire border providing acupuncture for dogs, cats and rabbits in a relaxed home environment based in Winterslow.

Acupuncture for your pet

Acupuncture is the practise of inserting fine, solid needles into the body (skin or muscle) for pain relief or, in some cases, to help the body deal with other diseases.

In the UK acupuncture has becomes increasingly used as a complimentary therapy.


After an initial examination to ensure your pet is fit for acupuncture and to assess your pet’s needs, needles will be put into various parts of the body and moved or stimulated a few times.

There is not a set “dose” of acupuncture as there is for medication

About Lucinda Dovey

Lu graduated with a Zoology degree and Veterinary Science degree in 2007. She has since studied acupuncture with the ABVA and WVAG.